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Westside: 895 Oglethorpe Avenue, Athens, GA 706-543-2001
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Parent Handbook

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*The provider that discovers the smoke/fire will quickly set off the alarm from the nearest fire pull-down station in the center. The system will automatically call the local fire department.

*Announce in a calm voice to the children that "we're going to see the BIG red fire truck".

*Staff will determine the safest exit and gather all children to the safest exit and have a head count.

* After all children are present and accounted for, we will take the safest exit out as shown on the posted fire drill evacuation map located in the main lobby area and also located in the entrance of classroom A.

* We will exit out safely, a staff member will be the last to exit and another head count will be taken.

* Children that are walking will be instructed to stay close together and safely walk to our designated location. Children will be supervised by staff and possibly firefighters at all times. Children that are not walking will be placed into our BYE BYE BUGGY and will be safely wheeled out to the designated area.

*Once we've arrived to our destination, another head count will be given.

*NOTE: This same evacuation plan applies in the event of a gas leak and/or bomb threat.


In case of severe weather: Remain calm. Move the children into the hallway away from windows.

In case of structural damage: Call 911. Keep children calm. Safely move all children to an area of the daycare that is most safest. Wait for help to arrive.

In case of a tornado: Have the children place their heads between their knees with their backs to the wall. Listen to the radio for weather updates.

In case of loss of electrical power: Remain calm. Call the power company to report power loss. If in hot weather, open the windows and utilize ceiling fans. In cooler weather, put on warmer clothing or get blankets out for the children. Call the parents if the power will be out for an extended time period, (more than 3 (three) hours).

In case of loss of water: Have bottled water available for drinking purposes. Call the water department and all other necessary calls to resolve the problem. If water will be loss for an extended time, have water available for hand washing and toileting purposes. Call the parents If the water will remain out of service for an extended length of time.

In case of serious injury to a child: Call 911. Keep the child calm and comfortable until medical services arrive. Call the child's parents to report the injury. Report the injury to Bright from the Start -Child Care Licensing within 24 hours.

In case of loss of a child: Call 911. Call the child's parents to report the loss. Keep the other children calm. Start a search for missing child. Look in the Daycare building, yard and surrounding area.

In case of the death of a child: Call 911. Call the child's parents. Keep the other children calm. Report the death to Bright from the Start - Child Care Licensing within 24 hours.